Welcome to Project Live Happy!

This blog is a compilation of things that make me happy. God has blessed us all with gifts and talents. Using my gifts and talents makes me happy. Most of my gifts are fashioned within the realm of creativity. Things like drawing/painting, writing, singing, and cooking. I’ve decided to do things that make me happy on a regular basis in order to increase my happy moments. I’m dedicating my journey to everyone who wants to be happy in hopes that you all are inspired to decide to be happy also. 

I want the documentation of my journey to be real. Real in the sense that I don’t want much to be sugar coated. I want you guys to see the stumbles as well as the success. Hey, I’m only human… most of the time.

Is it easy to smile when you’ve lost a loved one, or when your heart has been shattered, or when the doctor gives you disturbing news about your health, or when your weight isn’t what you’d like for it to be?? Of course not! For sure you’re going to be sad if that’s where all your focus lies, so avert your attention to the beauty that life is still offering you.

Let my experiences serve as a reminder that there’s always something to be happy about. Choose the joy of freedom and refuse to be a slave to your circumstances.

 Peace, Love, & Happiness,

Nakia Monique

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